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Data Protection,Data Security and Data Privacy Awareness Training

As an organization you can prepare your staff with the necessary knowledge to meet not only local and international regulatory practices, but also ensure safe practice within you organization. With the One Trust Awareness Training, M.A.W.S. can offer a wide variety of content designed specifically to train your staff.


Training for staff and employees organization wide with the basic general privacy and data protection awareness.


  • Basic Privacy and Data Protection Awareness

  • Human Resources

  • Costumer Services

  • Sales

  • Information Technology

  • Financial Services

  • Laws and regulations

  • Healthcare

  • Marketing


For the online E-learning Platform:

Amazing Benefits

  • More than 30 Training modules

  • Multi lingual training platform

  • Regularly Updated Contend

  • Performance Reports and Metrics for Achievements

  • SCROM-Compliant Training

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