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Our mission is to help organization comply with local and international Data Protection Regulations trough technology and innovation. Since the introduction of the GDPR, more privacy regulations are emerging like the CCPA from California (USA) and the LGPD from Brazil. In the Dutch Caribbean, we also have local and regional privacy regulations. "Landsverordening Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (LBP) from Curacao and the  Personal Data Protection Act BES from the BES-Islands. The vision of Mark-A-Web Services is to become the leading Privacy and Data Protection Consultancy in the Caribbean, to assist organization comply with these local and international regulations. Because of the following points we can achieve our mission and vision:


Mark-A-Web Services partnered with One Trust LLC, the leading Company operationalizing Privacy, Security and Governance. The benefits are infinite, and the best part we can make them accessible for the Caribbean Region.

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With our "One Trust Privacy Management Professional" certified expert we can guarantee 100% operation and support for our management tools. 


By partnering with Mark-A-Web Services you will benefit of a continuous development privacy management system. And the great part is that your organization will be updated with the latest privacy laws, local and internationally. One of the benefits are continuous training that can be provided the year around.

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